A New Twist on Leadership


Has anyone else noticed the interesting new trend that is happening in leadership around the world.  Television shows have allowed the people to vote on who our celebrities for the minute are.  We allow the media now to tell us who should be a celebrity, instead of determining it on merits (thank you Kardashians).  The last couple of presidents have used prime time and late night television to show not only their leadership capability, but their lighter side.  In the last couple of weeks I have noticed this going even farther than I could have imagined.

We now have world leaders, chief decision makers for soveriegn appealing to the people of other countries.  Not that these leaders have not talked to the leaders of our country, but they go a step further and directly appeal to people that they are not sovereign over.  What an interesting turn of events.  Not that this has not happened before, but the degree and the message seems to be a little different.  

Media has changed how we lead, not just politically but generally.  Today a message is never lost, if its digital its forever.  Because of the globalization of the world through information, these leaders have realized that they can not only appeal to their government, and their people, they can appeal to the entire world in order to accomplish their purpose.  

Imagine 200 years ago when a leader had to spend months talking to its constituency, then go a spend months talking to other representative about a decision that they needed to make.  Then they make the decision only later to find out (months later) that the decision they made no longer had any relevance. 


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