It’s Not My Fault, Its Genetics, or My Parents, or God, etc, etc, etc..



I was going to use a cat for this blog because there were lots of cat pictures that tried to claim innocence, but we all know that cats are always guilty.  Deflecting blame is a practice that is old as time.  When life gets hard, or something happens that makes us look bad the first thing that many of us want to do is deny that it happened.  If that is not possible than it is time to find someone to blame.  Here is my top six list of things we like to blame:

1.  Parents

2.  The Government 

3.  God

4.  Spouses or Ex-Spouses

5.  Some Traumatic Event in our Past

6.  Heredity

Mentioning these in a light-hearted fashion may leave the impression that I am down playing the impact that these things can have on our life, I am not.  They can have a tremendous impact on us, but that is not the problem that needs to be addressed.  The problem that needs to be addressed is blame.  One of the defining moments of my life is when I stopped blaming God or my leg for the problems that I was experiencing and realized that I was responsible for the decisions I make.  So here are the two ideas that I believe will help us out the most in our life when it comes to blame:

1.  Am I trying to blame someone for something that is ultimately my fault and I am trying to run from it?

2.  Is assigning blame really necessary?  Does assigning blame really help in most cases to progress us forward in our relationships.  

I have to confess that I still find myself blaming others for my own faults, or just blaming other people to make myself feel better.  Lately though I have run into a few people that seem to live in deflection mode to avoid responsibility for their lives.  To them I have to say “thank to for the wake up call” I am now more keenly aware of my own deflection.


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