Coffee, Gasoline, Water


Which is more expensive per gallon from the store:  coffee, gasoline, or water?  I was given a “coffee maker” the other day that is basically a water heater.  You heat up the water and then put small packets of instant coffee from a popular coffee company (we all know who I am talking about).  Besides the cost of heating the water the packets are $1 for every 8 ounces of coffee.  So I had a $2 cup of st******ks coffee in my office THAT I MADE MYSELF!!!

Gasoline $3.50/gallon

Bottled water $12/gallon

Coffee Shop Coffee $16/gallon

Needless to say I am thinking about buying tea packets to use for with my glorified hot water heater.  I always get upset about how much I have to spend on gasoline then I think about coffee and water.  By the way water out of the tap is 300x cheaper than bottled on average.  Coffee made at home is about $0.30 a cup on average (depending on your preferences).  Please don’t base any of your arguments off these figures, they are my own estimations.  

No matter how much I try to change there is always part of me that say “I will pay for it because I like it that way”.  Even when someone shows me valid data. 


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