Exploding Onions of Fire


So now that I have your attention, some observations about food and God.  As I was sitting today watching the onion volcano in front of me I was struck by the idea that I now require my food to entertain me, or at least the cook to entertain me.  The cook was great by the way, but that is hardly the point.  The point is I was so entertained that the guy could have gotten me to eat anything and I would have probably thought it was the best meal ever.  Consequently the food was very good, or was it?

When it comes to what I believe is the most important things in life I find that I have the same sort of inattentiveness.  I am compelled to buy the show instead of consume the nutrients.  Media and marketing know this and they use it to their advantage, the next time you watch commercials (thank you Netflix and DVR for freeing me of this, most of the time) look at what they are selling versus what they are using to sell it.  They are more likely to use something that relates to your desires more so than what they are selling you.

Here is where the God part comes in, many Christians in the past have tried to sell Christianity based on God meeting our desires rather than on the truth of what God desire for us.  This has created a consumer mindset for those that come to God and into the church.  The idea of God becomes more about meeting our needs than allowing ourselves to be transformed.  God does want to meet us at our point of need, but to leave us there would be to keep the focus on the person in the relationship that knows least about what their true needs are.


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