The Nature of Crazy


As I flew through the air I actually had time to think about what was going to happen next.  For those of you that have been launched off of or out of some form of transportation you may understand the moment I am referring to.  When I was in high school I actually had a man push me off of a 50 foot cliff because I could not convince my legs that jumping into Glendo Reservoir from that height was a good idea.  While I was flying through the air trying to get my body into position so that I did not break my face or my tailbone I had a similar experience to the one that I previously mentioned.  Knowing that something painful is coming, and knowing that you are already committed to the result whether you like it or not.

Side Note:  I once had a friend that jumped off of those same cliffs and went into the cold mountain run off with her legs out, not down.  She managed to get out of the water but could not stand up straight because she had bruised her tailbone, and she split her swim suit out.  Not only was there humiliation about having to walk back to the bus bent over with her swim suit split out, she spent the rest of the week walking around with a doughnut to sit on.  Rachael if you are reading this, I am sorry I laughed at the time, I was a kid.

Perspective on life is so much better when our boundaries are pushed into the wilderness.  Getting outdoors, introducing risk that is beyond the intellectual or emotional.  I have not gone mountain biking for awhile because I got out of the habit as if I could call twice a week a true workout plan.  However the mind set shift that took place when I would get out and fly down a mountain before work helped me to put work into perspective.  I stood at the edge of the woods at the church I worked at and it gave me great perspective.  A large black bear had been hanging out in our woods and I wanted so badly to see it.  It was like God was throwing me a shot of perspective 100 feet outside the office that I spend too much time in.  As I found a place to sit in the woods next to the amazing trails that are being built, I was able to put a few items in my life into a much better perspective.


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