That Was Easy?

How is it that I serve a God that: Is all knowing, and yet wants me to share everything about me with him. Is all powerful, yet asks for permission to work in and through me. Is all loving, and yet desires to use me to love those around me. It seems to me that... Continue Reading →


Straddling Hurts

I was once on the fence over an issue in my life, and that issue was that I was stuck on a fence.  My parents had guests over and my brother and I decided to go check out the horse pasture in front of my house.  The reason we did this was because these guests... Continue Reading →

Oh, He Makes Me So Angry!

I once (actually more than once) joked that if I ever wanted someone to come to a parent meeting as a pastor or a parent teacher conference when I was a teach all I had to do was say or do something controversial right before the meeting was to take place.  Then when the meeting... Continue Reading →

Faith, Off of the Power Grid

Please read this one all the way to the end so that I am not misunderstood. I want to live in a country that is guided by a sound, static, biblical based moral code.  I will vote for people that I see as upholding not only morality but social justice, unfortunately that does not exist... Continue Reading →

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