Faith, Off of the Power Grid


Please read this one all the way to the end so that I am not misunderstood.

I want to live in a country that is guided by a sound, static, biblical based moral code.  I will vote for people that I see as upholding not only morality but social justice, unfortunately that does not exist in one person very often.  If I do see a person that upholds both of those principles I will vote for them as often as I can provided that their position on morality is not compromised by their own personal integrity.  I am enough of a student of history to know that a country that does “does what is right in their own eyes” is a country that will justify genocide among other atrocities. However…..

I also want to live in a country in which my faith is not encumbered by the influence of those that hold power and use that power to drive our beliefs, not by truth but by agenda.  History has shown that theology as well as state policy has been driven not by truth many times but by those that would desire to use faith as a means of controlling the populace.  We have seen this played out as people have used their view of who God is to justify things like oppression, slavery, war, and the like.

We are at an interesting crossroads in America right now, a crossroads that we have been at for a long time but some of us are just now becoming keenly aware of.  Christianity is no longer the prevailing religion of the western world, it hasn’t been for awhile.  Sometimes in life we are forced to uphold two ideas that seem to heavy to hold in each hand.  The problem is we can’t put down the one idea in order to hold the other with both.  Here are the two idea that may cause some discomfort for those reading this:  Living in a society dominated by our faith can drive values in the right direction while at the same time confuse the central message of the faith through its domination.  Christianity is no longer in power, but Christianity was never about being in power.

While I will work to try to keep our country holding to a standard that upholds Christian values because society needs a strong biblical value system in order to survive.  As a parent I have a great deal of concern for my children growing up in a hostile environment.  However I will also look forward to seeing what God can do when Christianity does not seem to be the mandate of the day.  People will come to Christ because they understand their need for Him, not because it is expected.  The problem is that when Christianity does not dominate the culture it becomes harder to find people and places where it exists.  It also becomes harder to survive in a society that does not uphold your faith above others.  If only faith were an easy task right?

But we know that Jesus came and Christianity exploded in an environment that was oppressive toward this new faith.  Many Christians are surprised when they find out that Christianity was born out of oppression and is based on the life,death, and resurrection of an enemy of the state.


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