Once the Invasion is Complete, Life will be Much Better.


I have been asked a few times over the last year why my blog is not more about Christianity or about faith.  Obviously a guy that is a pastor will make his blog about Christianity, that is his job right?  If you have read the blog consistently you have realized that I don’t shy away from the topic.  I just don’t make it part of every blog and there is a good reason for that.  My faith is supposed to invade every aspect of my life.

I have always had a hard time believing that being totally invested in my faith would come with a high level of Jesus speak.  I do however believed that if I pursue my faith diligently, meaning that I pursue a relationship with God with my whole life, that everything in my life would speak to the message of that which is most important to me.  I believe that God enjoys the things that I find funny, even if they don’t fall broadly under the category of “Christian Funny”.  I believe that God wants to share my entire life with me, and therefore takes joy in seeing how it all plays out.  I know that he doesn’t enjoy seeing me go my own way, but takes joy in seeing me learn from it.

All that is to say that if God is the most important part of my life than I am going to talk about Him.  But also if he is the most important part of my life I have the confidence that when I write He has the ability to be seen even when I am not blatantly speaking about Him.  Being authentic is something that I believe speaks volumes.  I hope that I am.


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