That Was Easy?


How is it that I serve a God that:

Is all knowing, and yet wants me to share everything about me with him.

Is all powerful, yet asks for permission to work in and through me.

Is all loving, and yet desires to use me to love those around me.

It seems to me that having faith in God and seeing Him work around the world is not so much about what he can do, it is in what he does not do.  Further it is not about what he does in spite of of us, it is what he desires to do in and through us.  God’s sovereignty as it is perceived by those that don’t follow him looks kind of cruel.  Lets be honest, God’s sovereignty as perceived by many of those that say they follow him looks about the same.

Here is why I follow God even when I don’t see the fairness issue playing out the way I want it to. There is so much that is going on around the world and so many people that are being allowed to be free-agents.  That means that in a world full of people that are allowed to determine their own destiny based on their own choices God still desires to do His work through His creation and not despite it.

I will not pretend to be God, only to tell you about how I would struggle if put into that role.  I have created a world full of people that I have allowed to choose to follow me, which means they can choose not to.  I have created people that I desire to have a relationship with me, not because I need it, but because they do.  For me it would be hard not to hit that button, you know the one I am talking about right?  Its that huge red button with the white lettering that say “fix everything”, because if I was God I could in an instant.

Yet because I love my creation I allow them to walk away from me because the upside is that they might follow me, and not because they have to.  Yet because I have a plan to fix it all that takes into consideration that I gave free will and I am relational.  Yet because I can see what no one else can see, and not because I want to hide it but because it is not possible for my creation to understand it.  Because of all of these things, I would like to think that I would not push the button.  But I am after all human, and therefore not God.  I would probably want to push the button because I want the easy fix that causes the least amount of pain.

I am not saying this to justify the enormous pain that people around the world have felt, because I cannot comprehend the evil that some have experienced.  However I cannot imagine the pain and hurt that God feels about seeing what he has created go so inconceivably bad.  I also cannot imagine the amount of infinite energy that He spends on comforting those that are the victims of someone else’s permission to do “as they please”.


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