Blood Money

Can you imagine a life lived with out guilt.  A life in which you are no longer affected by the consequences of guilt.  I am not talking about conviction, meaning that you have the opportunity to do the right thing and you have not followed through.  I am talking about guilt, carrying the weight of... Continue Reading →


I am International!!

Because of the beauty of the WordPress statistics I can tell you that my blog has now been read around 2500 times in 14 different countries in 5 continents.  Don't you love statistics, if you take that at face value it looks as though I am a hit.  However as Mark Twain said "There are... Continue Reading →

Seasoned Well

. I am relatively new to the fire making game at the age of 38, my dad may not agree with this because I started a few fires when I was younger.  However my dad had a hook-up with a local saw mill in which he as able to get pine trimmings that were left... Continue Reading →

Security and the Up and Down

As I sit in front of the fire this morning and my beautiful daughter aggravates me through the phases of her development (she is currently having a temper tantrum as I write this), I am reminded of the same phases happening in all of my children; The Up and Downs. If you are a parent... Continue Reading →

Man, I Would Hate to be That Guy

I will not bore or guilt you all this Christmas Eve by giving you the "Reason for the Season" lecture.  I used to hate Christmas Time, not Christmas, Christmas Time.  What I mean by that is that when it comes to Sunday's and Christmas Eve we all put on our "remember Jesus" caps, but outside... Continue Reading →

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