Okay So There is No Standard, Now I Know.


This may seem like a weird way to break my blogging silence but I have seen two articles lately that make me think that the wheels have come off.  I always thought that there were certain standards, boundaries if you will, that were assumed to be “as far as we go”.  Over the last couple of years I have started to realize that all standards, boundaries, ethics, morals, are up for debate.  Some of you may say “Bart, your a cynic.  There are still lines that we won’t cross”  and others will say “Duh, hey Bart have you heard of this thing called the internet.  Its going to be huge.  1987 called, it wants its epiphanies back.”  Whatever your opinion of me, I think you will find that I have a boundary when it comes to addressing certain issues, and these articles found that boundary.

Article #1

Monkey’s are being considered for personhood.  Say it out loud so that you can not only see how it looks but hear how it sounds.  I know that I might offend some of my animal loving friends when I share this hypothetical situation, but I think it “bears” saying.  I love my dog Harvey, I have had only one dog in my adulthood, I chose him, and he is a great dog.  My wife became concerned that I might run into a bear when I go hiking in the woods, so I started to take Harvey with me.  So when I heard a story about a woman in Gig Harbor that was mauled by a bear I decided to read on.  Come to find out, the bear was actually “put down” because the woman decided to try to protect her Shih Tzu from the bear.  So bear gets put to sleep for woman’s stupidity.  After reading that article I told several of my friends that I love my dog, but if I see a bear and it comes down to me or Harvey, I choose me.

So the standard for what it means to be human is slipping because people think that animals should have the same rights as us, because they essentially share the same make-up as us?  All I know if that I like my odds if I ever apply for a job and the other applicant is an orangutan, unless that job is breaking things with my bare hands, or tree climbing.  So my first controversial comment is that I would sacrifice my dog of 12 years in case of a bear attack, and my second controversial statement is that NO animal has the same make up of a human.  Although sometimes I believe that animals are better at living by a standard than we are.

Article #2

There is a college in the western United States that has a group among them that has chosen the term “ze” as a gender neutral pronoun for those that do not want to be identified by a gender.  I just noticed that my spell check underlined in red the term “ze”, oh look it just did it again.  It is only a matter of time until my spell check does not pick that up as an error though.  Here is where the article gets downright ridiculous, the group will take the extra step to ask what pronoun you would like to be referred to with.  So I have decided that I would like to be referred to as “it”.  Oh wait, that might make me sound like you are talking to an animal.  Oh wait, animals have personhood so we should refer to them with only human pronouns, never with something so objectifying as “it” .  I am so confused.

So a “woman” goes to this group and decides not to be referred to “herself” by the gender that has been biologically (and I would say divinely) assigned to “her”, bypasses the neutered option that has been offered her, and ask to be referred to as “he”.

How broken are we, when we deny who we are?  How broken are we when we lose track of what it means to be human.  No species on the planet is capable of greater things, and no species capable of worse things than humans.  Many of these opinions that are being expressed about animals and gender come out of someones honest search for identity, or honest desire to see animals treated with dignity.  I cannot imagine what it must be like to have your identity so distorted so as to deny what you were created to be.  Yet when we walk away from a standard, people start to live beyond that boundary and realize that there are no other boundaries to guide them as to where they should stop.  Can we please put our stake in the ground and say that humans are humans, boys are boys, and girls are girls.  I find it sad that should even have to say that.


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