Man, I Would Hate to be That Guy


I will not bore or guilt you all this Christmas Eve by giving you the “Reason for the Season” lecture.  I used to hate Christmas Time, not Christmas, Christmas Time.  What I mean by that is that when it comes to Sunday’s and Christmas Eve we all put on our “remember Jesus” caps, but outside of that we put on our Santa hats.  I used to be frustrated by this to the point of anger, and I would love to say that it was all due to the fact that people had leveraged the story of Jesus into a consumeristic feeding frenzy, but the reality is that I am not really a gift giver or even a gift receiver.  I am very honest when I say that if people wanted to get me something they would make me the most happy with an Ebay gift card.

So that brings me to the title of this blog, I would hate to be the guy that thinks that God will somehow be cheapened by anything that we do.  I could not get in and out of Silverdale, Washington yesterday because the traffic was so bad.  Why you ask? because of people like me that had not finished (or started) their Christmas shopping yet.  People were swearing at other cars, other shoppers, themselves all because of an expectation in themselves or in the people around them that they would honor the season by giving gifts. And yet God is not changing, nor are his plans.

I do not like many of the things that have happened in this world and I do not like many of the things that this world and its cultures glorifies.  I know that much of this breaks Gods heart, but it has not changed his plans.  What is really different about this time of year over the rest?  Honestly in the place that I live there is no better time of the year to talk about God than this one.  The reason is simple, the name of Jesus is largely forgotten here and this time of year presents a great discuss starter.  Yet even if His name is being forgotten, he has not changed and he will not cease to exist if the reason for the season it lost.

That is what gives me hope, God is not changing and neither are his plans.  2000 years ago a woman said “nothing is impossible with God”.  God has the ability to recapture this season, recapture this culture, recapture the hearts of those that are lost.  He has not forgotten us, and He has not given up.  Don’t get upset about what people do, don’t give up starting conversations about God; and for the love of Christmas, don’t forget that God is not done here.  Hope does not reside in the hearts of man, but in the plans of God


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