Seasoned Well


I am relatively new to the fire making game at the age of 38, my dad may not agree with this because I started a few fires when I was younger.  However my dad had a hook-up with a local saw mill in which he as able to get pine trimmings that were left over from milling.  Not only were these pine, they were all kindling; cord after cord of kindling.  We would burn mostly kindling all winter.  I remember the first time I tried to start a fire in eastern South Dakota with hard wood.  I might as well have tried to burn up a cinder block.  I could not figure out why I could not get the wood to blaze.  It was oak, it was not well seasoned, and it was thicker than kindling.

I am learning about seasoned fire wood now that I live in the northwest.  I have been cutting and chopping my own firewood for a couple of years and I have burned my fair share of seasoned and unseasoned firewood in the learning process.  It makes me think about the Azusa Street Revivals and the Great Awakening from American church history.  That was seasoned wood that was ready to burn, when the Holy Spirit swept through that wood was prepared.  It is amazing to see how God moves when the soul is seasoned to burn.

Watching unseasoned wood burn, or not burn, is a great teacher.  First, it doesn’t want to burn, so if you want to use it as firewood the seasoning has to take place in the fire.  This means that it burns slow and almost seems to fight the fire itself, I can’t tell you how much of my own wind I have used to try to get unseasoned wood going.  If it is not ready, it simply frustrates and does not serve its purpose well.

I have often thought that when I came to Christ as a 6 year old I was unseasoned wood.  I had a purpose but was not prepared.  I still honestly struggle with this because I see those that follow Christ and burn hot all the time like a fire that keeps getting fed.  I have also seen Christians that seem to be spent after one log because no one went to get wood off the back porch.  Many times I feel like I am throwing unseasoned wood on the fire and working my butt off to get it to burn.  I can’t season the wood myself.


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