Why Would I Trust My Kids?


Saturday morning in the Lesco house was a bit more chaotic than I had intended.  I went to sleep on Friday night with a plan.  First I was going to take care of the recycling as per my wife’s instructions.   Then I was going to clean the skylight as per my wife’s instructions.  Finally I was going to end my day working on the buffet in the garage in order to get in back in working order, as per my desire to hide in my workshop.

That was the plan

So my boys, as per my instructions, loaded the suburban with the recycling while I got dressed and picked up my key, phone, and …. Shoot! where is my wallet.  I spent the next thirty minutes running around the house looking every possible place I could think of, nothing.  My wife (who is more adequately equipped to looked for my stuff, sadly) could not find it.  I then went back to the restaurant that my wife and I had went to.  No wallet.  I went back to our friends house who was watching our children while we were at the restaurant.  No wallet.

Back to the house.

Now I am in full panic mode, this is my wallet.  I called and put a hold on my various cards and continued to look.  Many times I would go back to the same places I went before thinking that it would magically appear.  Every time I would sit down and tell myself to give up and start getting new cards I would get back up again to look somewhere I knew it could not possibly be.

My wife and I were sitting at the family room table as she was online getting ready to put a hold on my last card when I mentioned how frustrating it is too lose a wallet.  Mind you at this point I had conceded a loss which is probably why I responded so calmly when my son Asher pipes up from the kitchen counter “your wallet,dad?”

“Yes son I lost it this morning”

“Naomi was chewing on it this morning so I put it in my dresser drawer.”

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, in my attempt to not bother my children with one of my problems I had neglected to utilize the one resource that could solve my problem.  I am not saying that I am going to let my kids in on everyone of my problems in my life, but I am starting to learn that its good to have them in the loop if possible.


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