They’re Magically Suspicious


I believe in blessings, I believe that names can be blessings.  Take my name for example; while my first name seems a bit arbitrary, my middles name means “of Christ”.  Since I am today a pastor that seeks Christ I find that name to be a wonderful blessing.  

Now that begs the question, in what way is it a blessing?  Many people think of blessings the way they think of prophets.  One person sees it as a way of giving a persons name meaning in order to give that person value through their name.  Another person sees it as a magic spell that imbues the child with a sort of charm to carry through their lives.  Prophets were never intended to be viewed as fortune tellers, but forecasters and spokespeople.  But that is not the topic to be discussed.

I named my children with first names that were Hebrew blessings, and middle names that were family names.  I wanted them to not only feel a tie to our faith, but to have their name mean something so when someone asks “what does your name mean?”  they can say that their name means “blessed” or “laughter”.  Then they can tell them something about the person that their middle name originated from.

I once had a friend whose parents named her Jezebel.  For those of you that don’t know that name it might be because even today it is a name that most people stay away from.  The name does not mean traitor, but it implies it because of a story in Israel’s history.  Either her parents did not understand the implied meaning of the name, or they were not really happy about having children.  “Jesse” as we called her was one of the most gracious people, what a wonderful irony.


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