I Am A Bit Distracted, Sorry.


For those of you that know me, you know that I follow two teams in sports, the Rockies in Baseball and the Seahawks in Football.  For those of you that know me through reading my blog you are probably saying:

“He watches sports?!”

My last blog revealed that I had a formula for naming my children and know I am revealing that I like to watch various sports.  It feels like you are sitting in my living room doesn’t it?  So now that the Seahawks are in the NFC Championship Game (that is one game away from the Super Bowl, which is the championship game.  I have to explain that because I am international now remember?)  I will be less prone to getting anything done well this week except get my church building ready for the game next Sunday.

I actually had to make a deal with myself earlier on in the season.  I realized that I was not only watching the games but reading the articles, listening to the radio shows, and generally being a Seahawks gomer.  So now I will only watch the games and stay away from the other stuff.  For the most part I have done well, but the closer the championship gets the more I want to know more.

The funny thing is that while I know that nothing that I do will effect the outcome of the game I somehow feel like reading an article about an injured player will somehow get them healthy again.  Or somehow checking the statistics will somehow turn them in our favor.  I am however wrong on both counts but that is just because I am not trying hard enough.  Which is why you will not be hearing from me a whole lot this week.  Or if you do it might be somehow be related to the Seahawks.   Sorry, I have a hard time drawing boundaries.


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