Dad Let’s Play Security Camera!


If you ever want to play a game that is both entertaining and disturbing all at the same time you could play a game that my oldest son made up called “Security Camera”.  Here are the rules:

  1. Drive into a city where there are lots of buildings and traffic lights
  2. Try to spot more security cameras than anyone else in the car

That’s it.

It is entertaining because your kids will be spending their time trying to find something that there are plenty of, therefore hopefully not arguing and yelling.  Well that is not really true, they will yell “Security Camera” really loudly and then they will argue about who called it first and which one they were referring to.  But at least it is in the context of a game and not some random argument about automobile seat possession laws.

Here is why it is disturbing and why many libertarians (if this is you, you know I am right) will use this as fuel for their fire.  They are EVERYWHERE!!!!  Every traffic light has at least four.  Every building seems to have at least one at every entry and a couple pointed around their parking lot.  As we drove through Silverdale the other day we counted more than 50 in the small part of town that we drove through.  This doesn’t even count the hundreds of satellites that we all know are pointed at us right now (I am exaggerating to be funny, but sometimes I wonder).

I was not really paranoid about this until my son made up the game.  Now I have a hard time driving through a town not believing that if necessary a person could track almost every step of mine through a conglomeration of captured videos.  So now I play the game even when the rest of my family isn’t in the car.  I think it might be time to go back to “Twenty Questions” or “Slug Bug”.


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