Grace, The Speed Bump on the Road to Being All You Can Be


We could title this blog “Messing with Your Peace, Part 2” because this is about people’s perceptions about what a relationship with God is really about.

I listen to Christian radio when my kids are in the car or when I am trying to avoid what I really want to listen to, sports radio.  I believe that Christians generally do things with good intentions, but frequently miss the mark.  There is a conference coming up in which the promotion stated that God wanted to basically release our potential.  I have been to a few conferences like this before and I have to confess I used to drink the kool-aid.

Here is how the conference works, and please do not misunderstand me, these conferences can have some great stuff, but they can unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) miss the mark and skew the gospel.

Session One:  Getting Salvation Out of the Way

This session is about clearing the decks to make sure that everyone has Jesus.  There will be a gospel presentation because people need Jesus, and practically speaking the rest of the conference is predicated on this.

Session Two:  Why You are Really Here

Present the main idea of the conference.  God wants to give you one of the following:

  1. self-esteem
  2. leadership
  3. financial security
  4. unleashed potential
  5. Etc. etc. etc

Session Three:  Go and Do Likewise

Finish presenting how Jesus wants to give you these things and leave them with a motivational push. 

Here is the problem, the first day seems to be just a step toward what God really has for you.  Let me tell you, if you are looking for God to give you anything except eternally life through a relationship with him you may find yourself becoming very disappointed.  We don’t deserve what he is offering; and what he is offering is enough.

There was a group of people back when Jesus was on earth that was trying to get God’s attention so that He would give them what they wanted.  Instead they were given Jesus, The Living God, and they rejected Him because He didn’t give them what they wanted.  He offered them what they needed.

I don’t know everything about the conference I heard about on the radio, it may very well be a conference that only offers Jesus; I hope it is.


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