The Timeliest Two Year Old in Kitsap County


Now before those that know my family get worked up, my daughter is not quite two yet, but calling this post “The Timeliest 20 Month Old in Kitsap County” didn’t have the same ring.  So as many of you know I am a bit of a Seahawks fan.  I am also always looking for ways to get people to darken the doors of our church facility.  My belief is that if I can get people to turn into our parking lot, enter our building, and meet our people, they can do it again.  So when our church bought a HD projector and screen a couple of years ago I started to show football games here at the church facility.  I told people that it was the “Biggest Screen in Kitsap County”.

The only games that seemed to gain traction was the night Seahawks games so we started to push those.  Well this weekend, as many of you know, it was not only a Seahawks game, it was a rivalry game.  Not only was it a rivalry game, but the winner gets to go to the championship;  The Super Bowl.  We had twenty or so people here to watch a game, and among those we had several guests.  The game was amazing, the screen was awesome, the food was great.

We get to the fourth quarter and the Seahawks have made a come back.  However the 49ers are driving down the field.  During this whole game my daughter had been running around the entire church.  My wife and I had been taking turns keeping an eye on her.  While my wife was playing with her my daughter decided to take off like a shot, behind the sound booth.  All of a sudden, with a minute left in the game, and the opposing team driving, the screen goes black.

Now it took me a second to figure out what happened, and people in the room were freaking out.  When I realized that my daughter had found the one switch that would turn the entire system off, I turned and yelled at my wife “What are you Doing?!?………

After I rebooted the entire system and the game came back on I realized that I had very unjustly and very loudly yelled at my wife.  Not only that, but many in the room turned their icy stares at her.  One guy stated that she was lucky that her husband had turned the game back on.  Another guy was up like a shot getting ready to speed off to any location that would allow him to finish watching the game.  When the game came back on he stood for a minute, as if to wonder if he needed to be at the ready.  Then when the TV was on for a minute of so he settled down.

I have since apologized many times, my wife is more gracious than I am passionate.  This is one reason why I have stopped “following” sports.  I used to read articles, watch sport’s center, keep up with players, listen to sports radio.  Every once in a while I will find myself falling into that pattern again.  I finally decided that I had enough things to do in my life that being a fanatic would be a terrible distraction.  Apparently I still have some issues to work through.


2 thoughts on “The Timeliest Two Year Old in Kitsap County

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  1. That was truly a crazy moment! So Naomi was to blame? That is hilarious. But it really would have been a bummer if you didn’t get it back up so quick.

    I also have found myself getting sucked into sports commentary. Especially after the last game. All things in moderation, right?

    Thanks for sharing!

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