They Told Me to Believe Them, So I Did!


I have been contemplating the media lately and something has occurred to me:  people seem to want the media to tell them what to believe.  I don’t think that this used to be the case, but with the busyness of life and the pervasive nature of the digital world we seem to be looking for people to define our world view for us.

I don’t get mad at the media for two reasons:

  1. People seem to think that the media tells us what to like, but I have found just as often that the media is simply reflecting the culture.  If we accept the second idea to be true than they are merely holding a mirror to what is going on.  There are of course exceptions to this.
  2. The media will take the time to interpret the events that occur whereas many individuals will not.  Here is where I see a problem.

The Center for Parent Youth Understanding used to put out a media guide (they still might, check it out) in order to help youth to be able to interact with media in a productive fashion.  Here is the essence of what it says “DON’T TURN YOUR BRAIN OFF”.  I cannot believe how many ways one event is interpreted in the media and via social media.  This is not in order to understand the event further, but an attempt by some people (some are honest, and some are trying to be funny) to interpret it.

Here is where it gets really interesting, people seem to be looking for someone else to interpret these events for them.  Isn’t there a breakdown there?  Shouldn’t we look for understanding, and then use our own moral, social, and ethical code to interpret the events for ourselves?  Have we dulled ourselves to the point that we now need someone else to tell us how we should view the events of our own lives?

The next time that a major event occurs (there is one a day lately), first make sure you understand all of the facts.  Then run the entire scenario through the filter that God gave you, and your upbringing shaped in you.  Then after that, after you have had a chance to understand the facts and determine for yourself how your should view this, I give you permission to see what your friends on facebook say.  But don’t allow me to influence you, decide for yourself.


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