Jar Jar Tolkien


I know that I have not written in awhile so Blog logic (blogic) tells me that only about 5 people will read this.  But I wanted to let everyone know that I am an idiot.  Do you want to know why I haven’t written in the last three months?  I have been finishing the hardest semester of school, while trying to keep up with four young children, while covering for my Senior Pastor who is on a much needed sabbatical, while coaching a baseball team, while moving.  Now you are saying “Bart, I didn’t ask why.  I am only reading this blog this morning because I thought you were dead.”

Now the school thing, the work thing, and the family thing are just part of my life now.  The moving thing and the baseball thing were acts of pure lunacy.  I volunteered to coach my two youngest sons baseball team because I figured if I coached then I could control the practice calendar.  This would give me the ability to have this team work around my schedule and not the other way around.  I coached the team last year, and wanted to coach this year, but I initially did not see it as feasible.  There is however one thing that little league does not tell you; coaching is a part time job with no pay.  It is not actually being with the kids during practices and games, I love that part, it is the fund-raising, the Mariner’s Game paperwork, the release forms, the background checks, etc.

The moving is a total blessing, coming at the worst time ever.  We moved into a house that is about 1000 square feet bigger, on an acre of property, closer to work.  I told God (that’s right, I told Him) that we needed to move to a house that was closer, bigger, and/or cheaper, otherwise it would not make sense.  This house is closer, bigger, and cheaper; we could not have got a better deal.  Trying to move while doing everything else was like trying to fit my oddly proportioned legs into skinny jeans (get that image out of your head).  We are in the house now and getting comfortable, it’s wonderful.

The title of my blog, by the way, is from a conversation that I had with my son Nathan.  He told me that Jar Jar Tolkien wrote the Hobbit, after correcting him I tried to imagine a book being written by Jar Jar Binks.  Maybe a children’s novel, or a book on intergalactic diplomacy.  I would appreciate your feed back on this pondering.


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