A couple years ago I took a picture of my son on the top of a rock at Vedawoo, a state park in Wyoming. It was the home page picture on my blog for quite awhile because it always reminded because I loved the spirit that it showed. My son conquered something and desired... Continue Reading →


That is Not the Word That Comes to Mind

If I were to name a toilet I would not start off with the idea that I am making a device that will help me to make memories.

Not an Ideal Dad

I can honestly say that I never thought being a dad would be like this.  Either I have a very bad memory, or my parents did not allow me to see many of their frustrations, anxieties, and perplexities.  I never thought that I would hear stories of children putting a spoon down the back of their... Continue Reading →

Do I Still Look Alive?

  I slept at 8500 feet the other day.  Not at a base camp or on the side of a mountain, but in a nice 2500 square foot cabin.  Considering that I live next to the Puget Sound my body did not accept this well.  My first night sleep was miserable and walking up a... Continue Reading →

Photo from the loft of a barn. The location of the rehearsal dinner.

Ash, Don’t Hit Dad There!

I used to work in Christian camp ministry for years in Wyoming.  I also have had the pleasure of making several friends from Sheridan, WY.  So when I walked into Qdoba in Sheridan yesterday I looked around to see if I might know someone.  The camp I worked at put me into contact with hundreds... Continue Reading →

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