Thank You Cloud for Jacking up My Spine!


Have you ever seen the commercials that talk about sleeping on someones mattress as “like sleeping on a cloud?”  Well sir, I have slept on your cloud and I have to say that is not a great marketing scheme.  We checked into a hotel last night and because of the size of my family we were forced to book a king room.  I am not a little guy so I thought that this would be awesome, I would get to sprawl out and not accidentally kick my beautiful wife out of bed.  When we arrived in the room I sat on the bed and sunk into it about 2 feet, just like a cloud (cue dreamy music).

Waking up 20 times that night trying to figure out a way to sleep that would not twist my spine into a pretzel is pretty much the story of the rest of my night.  At what age did sleeping on a cloud become death sentence and not a dream?  My kids are going to jump out of bed, bodies rested and feeling great.  I will spend the rest of my day driving home, or honestly sleeping in the passenger seat as my wife drives because I didn’t sleep well last night.

Side note, my son decided to sleep on the window bench last night which is somewhat narrow.  In the middle of the night I heard a “thump, ow!”  He had fallen out of it, crawled back up, curled in under his blanket and went back to sleep.  He is still going to wake up feeling better than me.


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