Ride Sundance, Ride!


Not many people idolize The Pinkerton’s.  In almost every movie about the old west there are the bandits, which many times we are rooting for.  Then there are The Pinkerton’s, the private police force hired by the forces that wanted to keep their money.  When Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and others were wreaking havoc on the mine owners, the banks, the cattle baron’s, and the railroad companies; the Pinkerton’s job was to make the thieves pay, and if possible get their clients money back.  But again hardly anyone idolized the Pinkerton’s; they idolized the Bandits.

This is not because they were moral, they were very immoral.  It is not because they stole stuff, or killed people, or caroused women.  The real reason that these Bandits were idolized is because of the sense of adventure that it inspired in the hearts of those that followed them.  It was the idea that people could fight a system that kept money from them and gave it to others.  So much so that people would not believe that they died when they did.  Butch Cassidy, Billy the Kid, and The Sundance Kid were rumored to have escaped when they were obviously dead.

Being really moral does not seem to inspire people as much a having a life full of passion and adventure.  Being moral is great, but even the Bible points out that the law is only a shadow of what our life was intended to be.  Of course none of us want our children to grow up to be victims of someone else’s crime or perpetrators of crimes, but we do want them to live a life that reaches outside the bounds of what is expected and what is normal into a life that moves them beyond the artificial boundaries that are created by a world that tries to sell them a artificial life.

To those few people that read my ramblings, sorry I have not written for awhile.


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