“I want an unplanned life”


There is a scene in one of the best movies ever “The Brother’s Bloom” (#2 after Groundhog Day) in which Bloom tells Stephen that he wants an unplanned life.  The movie is about two brothers who are con men, but that is not the real story.  The real story is that Bloom was never comfortable being himself, but he was very good at being an actor in Stephens cons.  Stephen was a virtuoso at planning cons and at helping his brother out at the same time.  Bloom finally realized that he did not know where his brother’s cons ended and his own life began, hence the title of this blog post.  I will not tell you how the movie ends, but it is perfect.

All political views aside (I think) I have many moments in which I feel as though the system and the culture that I live in tries to program me to the point that faith in God does not make any sense.  I have been set down a road in this life that was planned out by the culture and systems that I grew up in.  These schemes try to lead me to believe that all of my needs can be met by a system created by mankind.  In order to be able to truly have faith in God I have to step out of the systems and schemes that have been set before me in order to step into the plans that I was intends to be part of from the beginning.  I want an unplanned life, or rather I want back the plans that make my life make sense.


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