Can’t These Dang Kids Tell the Difference

more boys

Yesterday morning I woke up late, well 6:30.  For many of you that is very early, for me its about an hour late.  This means that the stuff that I would like to get accomplished before the house wakes up did not all get done.  So when my boys had to get out of bed to get ready for school I was already thinking about all the stuff I did not get done.  So I had the boys get their breakfast, and then they had to make their lunches.  I know that is asking a lot but they actually like doing it normally so I let them.  However asking them to do this stuff in “hurry up” mode is a different process altogether.

In order to get them out the door I felt the need to do a little bit of yelling and expediting, so that by the time they were in the car they felt as though they had been shot through a cannon.  The reason that I had to get them out of the house early was because I was leading worship music at school and I had to get there early to get ready.  So imagine my shock that when all of the children from the school are gathered for a time to worship God, my boys look a little distracted.  I was immediately upset because my boys should be great “worshipers” because they are my boys.  Instead I was angry because one of them had his arms folded and another one was preoccupied with his shoes.

So here is a list of the things that I should have remembered when I started to try to lead my boys in worship this morning:

  1. Boys NEVER sing as much as girls in these events, my boys would rather have a job to do than to just be asked to sing with a group.  If I had asked them to run slides to bang on the drum or something more tactile they would have been more involved.
  2. My oldest son, the arm folder, likes to work to raise money for ministries.  He is an activist by nature, so why did I ask him to show his spirituality through singing.  Something that he does all the time by himself.
  3. That leads me to a third point, two of my children are natural introverts.  They don’t want to be noticed in a large group, they want to be noticed by their friends.
  4. My sons might, just might, have been more focused on dad’s attitude leaving the house than my attitude in front of the whole assembly of children.
  5. Last but not least, I would not have been singing at their age unless it was to mock the song (or the worship leader).  Why would I expect much more from them.

I am in a constant process of having expectations for my children then adjusting them based on my own self actualization.


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