Cost/Benefit Analysis of Having a Prosthetic Leg


As I was standing in the shower this morning (where all, and I mean all, of my good ideas come from) I was thinking about all of the things in my life that I would never have thought of if I had not lost my leg.  So with out further ado, a list of good and bad things about having lost my leg

  1. Good- Stepping across a creek or stream without getting your feet wet.  I simply step into the stream with my fake leg and step out with the other.
  2. Bad – I probably would have jumped it if I had two legs
  3. Good – After one day of wearing socks I simply switch feet
  4. Bad – I usually forget to change the sock at all making for a couple of awkward scenarios.  The first of which is that usually wear out one sock significantly faster and the second is that I usually have mismatched socks.  But honestly people don’t notice the mismatched socks as much as the mismatched legs.
  5. Good – Pity if your into that sort of thing….which I am not…..unless I am.
  6. Bad – Attention home builders putting the shower drain right in front of the shower head means that I usually end up inadvertently filling up the stall with water because my size 13 is plugging the drain.
  7. Good – Cheaper ferry tickets, fishing licenses, and National Park Access.  I don’t like to be thought of as handicapped, and I don’t usually need your parking spots.  But when being handicapped means that I can save money, well all of a sudden I feel like limping.
  8. Bad – Swimming in Circles
  9. Good – People always want to know the story so its an opportunity to share and hopefully inspire
  10. Bad – People always want to know your story
  11. Good – Kids think your a robot
  12. Bad – Sometimes those same kids run into things staring, wait maybe that’s a good thing.

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