By the Way, What’s a Blog?


So my oldest son is starting a blog, don’t ask what it is yet.  We have set it up, but he has not done much with it yet.  It was an assignment for school and he is excited about posting photo’s as he is taking photography lessons.  I have often felt as though my children see me in front of my computer screen too much.  I don’t want my son’s to look back on their dad’s career of leading people to become more like Jesus as “screen time”.  I look forward to when my grad school is done so that I can take some of this screen time and turn it into trail time.

At any rate, my son’s see me in front of the screen more than I would like and therefore they have assigned a certain value to screen time that is higher than I would like.  So when Isaac started a blog he and I sat down and talked about design, concept, theme, content.  He uploaded some pictures, and started a bio and now like his dad remembers that he needs to update it about once a week.

My youngest son Asher is more than a keen observer of all things that are going on around the house.  He often uses phrases and words that don’t seem to fit into a 7 year old’s head.  As I have said before he learned to read before he really grasped learning how to speak.  I owe a thank you note to Bill Watterson and his legacy for teaching my son to read on the toilet.  Asher learning to read while reading “Calvin and Hobbes” sounds like an idea for a great “Calvin and Hobbes” strip.

So when Asher came up to me the other night and told me that he was going to write a blog immediately my mind went to the fact that I am getting so much screen time that my kids are starting to emulate me.  Then he talked about how he had already started his own blog, which made me think that I needed to make our computers less accessible to my children.  But then he went on to describe the journal (not a diary, he’s a boy) that he was keeping next to his bed that where he wrote about what he did that day.

When he finished telling me this and I was able to breathe a sign of relief that he seemed to know what a blog was and was merely doing his own analog version of it he paused and said “by the way, what’s a blog?”


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