Don’t Blame the Dog, It was Me.

I noticed that the last time that I wrote to my blog it was to say a fitting goodbye to my first dog “Harvey”.  Many of you might be wondering if that was my swan song, my last post, my fond farewell to blogs since I have not posted in several months.  As I said in the title, and as I have said many times when the dog is sitting next to me and my son asks “what is that smell?”, “Don’t blame the dog, it was me!”  How is that for a re-entry into the blogging world.

I enjoy writing creatively, and humorously.  I feel as though many times I am expected to write serious theological dissertations if I am going to write, but that is not me.  I am actually someone that loves a good theological discussion, and I find it very serendipitous when I can say something humorous and theological at the same time.  However it is hard to pull off humor and theology, especially today when people are so keenly aware of that which they disagree with about the faith that I have and the organization that I work for.

I actually find that my preaching ends up being very similar to my writing, I try to use humor and cognitive dissonance to get to help people to be open to see something in a new way.  I like to think that humor shows my intelligence, but based off the first paragraph of today’s blog I might need to find another way to show people that side of me.


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