Autumn, The Best Workout I Get All Year

I watched a video the other day about methods of splitting firewood that saves time, it was horrible.  If I wanted to save time splitting firewood I could rent a splitter, or better yet why don’t I just turn my furnace on and not burn firewood at all.  I was once told that firewood warms you three times, once when you cut it, once when you split it, and once when you burn it; AMEN!!  I know I am going to sound like the grumpy old man from the old Saturday Night Live sketch but I cut, haul, split, and stack my own firewood (well my sons do a lot of the hauling) and I like it, heck I love it.

I think I have lost ten pounds and now I can lift a smart car in each arm because I have been trying to get a couple of cords of wood split and stacked before winter.  I have even found that firewood chucking is a great activity that burns a lot of calories.  I have a huge ditch at my house that is full of fallen trees that I have been cutting up with my chainsaw.  When I am done cutting I found it easier to chuck the logs up the hill than to haul them.  As a side note, if you engage in this activity make sure that your children are not playing at the top of the hill.

I don’t want to be inefficient for inefficiencies sake, but I will lean toward inefficiency if it means that I can get outdoors, burn energy, work with chainsaws and splitting mauls (just typing those words makes me feel more manly that I am), all the while saving money on renting equipment or turning on my furnace.  When is progress not progress, when it trades hard work that shapes us for ingenuity that weakens us.  As a society I am starting to ask myself the question about what the end game of technological development is.


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