Don’t Play with Sharp Objects

I have been talking with people a lot about the razor’s edge lately.  People do not like tension as a general rule.  What I mean by the razor’s edge is knowing who you are and being willing to hold what you believe as right in tension with the relationships that you have.  We like to make hyperbolic comments and treat them as rules, when they almost never are.  A person will disown a child because of their belief on what is right because making a stand is easier in their mind that dealing with the tension of continuing in a relationship with someone that you disagree with.  Never mind that even if that person is truly wrong and you are truly right they are more likely to change in a relationship with you than out of a relationship with you.

So too Christians, many times do not want to approach a relationship with God because it is a more nebulous objective than things like salvation or reading my Bible.  These are black and white activities that are not nebulous in their minds.  “I asked Jesus into my heart”, “I read my Bible today.”  So we become very rigid and make our spirituality a check list of obligatory actions without relationship.  So too the word spirituality is a scary word that sparks thoughts of allowing ourselves to be controlled by something other than ourselves.  The Holy Spirit does not like to share control, the exact point of the Holy Spirit in us is to guide us and help us.  Many Christians don’t like to live on the razor’s edge between truth and relationship.

We become spiritually and emotionally stunted, I believe, if we are not willing to live in the tension between truth and relationship.  I believe in truth, I don’t not like to compromise on truth, I know the truths that I believe in.  But I know that truth does not make a whole lot of sense without relationships, nor do relationships make a whole lot of sense without truth.  That is the razor’s edge.


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