I Would Never Have Experienced That Otherwise

I have often asked people which phrases that never thought that they would hear as a parent (i.e.  “don’t play with your poop!!).  Lately I have been keeping more records of things that my daughter has said or done that surprised me or made me laugh.  The other day my daughter was running around the house and passed some gas.  Normally I would expect her to do one of three things

  1. claim it
  2. blame it
  3. ignore it

Instead she gave an exasperated “auugh!”  She seemed to be frustrated that she had passed gas again or that it got out before she wanted it to, I am not sure which.

A couple of days ago I was preparing to make breakfast with my faithful three year old sous chef by my side.  She loves to “help” me make things in the kitchen.  When I turned the stove on to get started I heard her over my shoulder say “Let’s do this!”  I am pretty sure she stole that from another source, but it did not change the fact that she picked the right context.  I about burned myself on the stove laughing.

And finally, my 8 year old son was handed money to go into the convenience store the other day to purchase a couple of soft drinks.  He is getting used to getting responsibilities like this so that he can learn how to interact with people and how to make decisions about money as well as develop some independence.  So as he is walking into the store with a $5 bill thinking about how he is going to perform his assigned task I hear my daughter yell out the window some timely advice “Don’t scratch your butt!”

People are unpredictable, relationships are messy.  When we are young the things we say and the things we do can result in small problems or humorous stories.  When we are older it seems to me that one of the greatest causes of problems people have is forgetting that people are never going to stay in the box that you put them in, and relationships will never play out the way that you expect.  Its easy for me to love a three year old when she is unpredictable, I hope I can be as graceful with adults when they are too.


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