That’s Not What Their Looking At!

For those of you looking for an intelligent quasi-political commentary like yesterday this may not be it.  So I went to the YMCA yesterday with my family so that my kids could complete their swimming lessons.  During that time I went to the treadmill to run.    I have become keenly aware over the years that when I get on a treadmill I am not just another person that is running on the treadmill.  I am “did you see that one-legged guy running on the treadmill!”

When I first lost my leg I had all sorts of insecurities but the biggest one of all (and please remember that I was 16) was sex appeal.  I was truly afraid that I would no longer be attractive by the opposite sex.  Honestly as a 16 year old boy I believed that this would have a very adverse effect on any sort of sex life.  Later on in life my insecurities about what people thought waned.  When I was in college I stripped off all the cosmetic stuff of my leg because it wasn’t fooling anyone.  It just delayed people’s awareness that I had one leg.  Getting married to my beautiful wife was a tremendous boost in confidence because it was such a concern for me.

So back to the Y.  After I ran on the treadmill for awhile I went to sit in the hot tub with my wife.  Since I was a swimmer in high school I stopped being so self conscious about taking my leg off to get in the pool.  But back when I was a swimmer I was a skinny guy with one leg.  Here is the funny part of the story.  In my twisted mind, because I am getting old and out of shape, I somehow thought people were looking at my gut.  That is when this one-legged, scarred up from surgery, prosthesis resting on the wall, guy realized that maybe my gut was the last thing that was on people’s mind when they looked at me.  That, I was okay with because I have been getting stared at because of that for years.


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