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How Does a One-Legged Man Shower?

The answer: Very carefully. About twenty years ago I was staying at a friends house on a weekend trip away from college.  His parents seemed to love having me stay at their house, the even dubbed the room I stayed in as "Bart's Room".  It was an honorary title I am sure, I think they... Continue Reading →

Okay, I Guess We’ll Talk

I went riding with my third child again yesterday and I am starting to realize that he enjoys biking, but he also enjoys the one on one time that comes with it.  We were on a run called "Bobsled" which is not difficult but has quite a bit of curves, bumps, jumps, and other fun... Continue Reading →

I Earned that Wreck!

  I went to my chiropractor this morning and told him that there is someone in my life that is working against what he is trying to accomplish. "Who?" he asked "Me" I said. I went riding yesterday after work, one of the benefits of going to work at 5:30 am is that I can... Continue Reading →

Chainsaws and Singletrack

I have found my ideal workout plan, but I fear it is unsustainable.  The other day someone asked me if I liked to "pump iron".  I told them that I did not, although it is an understandable misunderstanding as I am not a little guy.  I used to work out in gyms, actually I have... Continue Reading →

Twisted and Short-Sighted

So about 30 years ago when I lost my leg I also lost my right latisimus dorsi (lat) and my right abdominus rectus (think 3 pack instead of 6).  I also lost some skin off my thighs and a couple veins out of my left calf.  Most people only see the scar on the back... Continue Reading →

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