Chainsaws and Singletrack


I have found my ideal workout plan, but I fear it is unsustainable.  The other day someone asked me if I liked to “pump iron”.  I told them that I did not, although it is an understandable misunderstanding as I am not a little guy.  I used to work out in gyms, actually I have spent a great deal of time in gyms in my life as I have worked in a couple.  I worked at Bally’s Total Fitness in Thornton, CO for a summer.  I found it somewhat ironic that I would show people how to work out and live a healthy lifestyle and then go get Taco Johns for dinner (the Potato Ole is still the greatest potato product ever created).

I also worked at a gym during my entire tenure at Black Hills State University (go Yellow Jackets).  I learned how much I disliked the idea of going into a building to get exercise, while at the same time I understand peoples desire to do so.  It is just not something that resonated with me.  I am not the most internally motivated person in the world so asking me to do something in an environment that I don’t like is hard.  Enter chainsaws and mountain bikes.

A couple of weeks ago my neighbor cut down many of their trees and told me that I could have all the firewood that I wanted from the trees that they did not sell.  They have three big piles of logs in their yard, and I was very excited.  I have worked for four hours so far and I am still working on the first pile.  That means that I have at least 10 more hours on one pile and I have not even started splitting yet!  There is at least 20 hours worth of work (or workout as it were) for me to do on one pile of logs.  The way I figure it that is the equivalent to at least 20 hours worth of both cardio and weight training.

So yesterday I went mountain biking in the morning, which is not only good exercise, its entertainment.  Then when I got home last night I was able to go cut firewood for about an hour and a half.  The way I figure it, if I can do that 3 to 4 times a week I will be ripped by the end of the summer.

Please pray for rain in the Northwest because if it does not they will shut down my mountain bike trails because of fire hazard.  I am not trying to be a problem child, but why shut down trails to mountain bikers?  They produce no sparks, and I would guess that less that 5% of them are smokers.  I know that they have to make a policy for everyone because policing it is difficult, but this will seriously impinge on my fitness regime.  Logging is okay cardio, but I really need to be able to get on my bike to get my lungs working.  I can bike in the rain, but I can’t bike if it doesn’t.


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