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photo of self belarus

Welcome to my blog, I will not pretend that I am current on my trends as I am writing my first blog about 10 years past when blog’s were trending.  For those that know that I am a Christian and a Pastor, please do not assume that I will always be posting stuff that is full of inspirational Christian.

I hope that this is funny, insightful, and most of all interactive.  If I see that no one is looking or interacting I will go back to “journaling”, which is a fancy way of saying that I will privately complain about the failure of my blog.  I am a Pastor at Olympic Evangelical Free Church.  you can contact me through my email: bartlesco@yahoo.com, or my facebook.

I have also added a widget for those of you that might want to listen to my sermons.  If you scroll to the bottom of any page you should be able to find it or go to Olympic’s Sermon Page.  Thanks for visiting my blog site.

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