I Don’t Believe You or the Other Guy

Yesterday I read an article that told me red meat is carcinogenic, then I read a critique of that same article no more than two hours later in response.  I have been told that the paleo diet is good, then I was told it was bad.  Mind you both sides cited experts that may or... Continue Reading →


How Did I Get Here (Or There)?

I just wanted to let you all know what I will be doing over the next few weeks so that you all can be praying for me, and so you don't scratch your head when you see posts that are coming from another country. I will be leaving for South Africa next Wednesday to do... Continue Reading →

Superhero Moving Targets

So as I am watching each new superhero movie, I am constantly amazed at how entertaining and frustrating they are to me. My personal favorite superhero is Spiderman because of his wit, his nerdiness, his strength, and his toys. He is a combo superhero, a veritable Swiss army knife of a warrior. However, he is... Continue Reading →

The Grass is Always …. But is it?

I have been reading Michael Crichton's last book lately, actually it was a manuscript that was found after his death, and it reminded me of something that has always bothered me. But I will come back to that. In a previous life I was a history teacher, actually that is what my undergraduate degree trained... Continue Reading →

A Blog Post With Mood Swings

I cannot emphasize this enough, one incident is not cause for policy.  Even several incidents highly publicized is not cause for policy. I will not go into the problems with social media, and this is a huge one, but I would like to talk about the nature of decision making.  So I was watching the... Continue Reading →


Being a student of culture, theology, church, and life I have often come back to the word "value".  Not in the sense of "value-meal" or "is this blow dryer a good value?"  Instead I mean what someone or something is worth, and more importantly where they acquire that worth from. Lately I have found that... Continue Reading →

It Told Myself I Wouldn’t Do It

I have been most aggravated over the last few day because of the rhetoric by people in regards to the Syrian Crisis.  To be honest my aggravation has been leveled at all sides of the issue.  I know a few things about blogs metrics that makes me believe that the three people that read this... Continue Reading →

Don’t Play with Sharp Objects

I have been talking with people a lot about the razor's edge lately.  People do not like tension as a general rule.  What I mean by the razor's edge is knowing who you are and being willing to hold what you believe as right in tension with the relationships that you have.  We like to... Continue Reading →

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