“But I Don’t Want to Move”

I have had a struggle for many years with my faith and my vocation.  The struggle was with questions.  My questions were not questions about whether there was a God, whether he was good, whether I knew who that God was.  Its a struggle that I have had for a while, but when I was... Continue Reading →


Fear and the Flying Leg

Some of the stories that I tell here on this blog page are stories that I have told and retold over the years.  The stories may be less true than they once were because as I get older the need to make myself into the hero seems more important to me.  The backlash effect of... Continue Reading →

Twisted and Short-Sighted

So about 30 years ago when I lost my leg I also lost my right latisimus dorsi (lat) and my right abdominus rectus (think 3 pack instead of 6).  I also lost some skin off my thighs and a couple veins out of my left calf.  Most people only see the scar on the back... Continue Reading →

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