One-Legged Ducks Swim in Circles Too

I think I might have to make this my title page video.


Fear and the Mud Puddle

As many of you know I my family and I are now the proud farmers of 6 ducks.   We used to have 7 but I managed to kill one (well it died, but in order to protect the hearts of my children I will not divulge the rest of that story).  This has been an... Continue Reading →

Bart Lesco: Duck Farmer

Some people that have called me in the past few years will hear me answer the phone in one of three ways.  The first is the casual "hello".  The second, if someone is more familiar with me is "go for Bart".  The third I reserve for family which is a throw back to when I... Continue Reading →

I Love to Change Other People

     So I am getting my morning mountain bike ride in this morning and I realized something about myself. I love change as long as it is change that I like, and it changes other people. About 3 to 4 times a week I am able to go for a mountain bike ride before my... Continue Reading →

Two-Faced Cowboy

I had a breakdown tonight because of a two faced Cowboy named Harvey.  When I picked Harvey up from a breeder on Monkey Mountain I was my own family.  I was about a month from meeting my wife and even farther away from meeting my first child.  He was in a small kennel by himself... Continue Reading →

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