There’s a Story Inside that Tree (So Cut it Down and Find It)

I have recently started to produce something to sell, and I am not sure what to think of the process.  For so long in my life I have been a salaried employee and recently I have been an hourly employee.  Now that I have something to build, market, and deliver I am learning something very... Continue Reading →


The Scandal of Forgiveness

I am humbled by a moment that I did not expect to ever be a part of in my life.  Today a woman that I have been working with in South Africa told a story about an interaction that she had with a school principal.  I had given a talk about forgiveness the day before... Continue Reading →

New Places, Same Faces

It is very comforting to step off a plane in a continent that you have never been to before after a 30 hour sojourn to see two faces that you recognize.  Carey and Holly were right outside the gate waiting for me when I arrived in Cape Town South Africa.  As my first foray into... Continue Reading →

Fear and the Flying Leg

Some of the stories that I tell here on this blog page are stories that I have told and retold over the years.  The stories may be less true than they once were because as I get older the need to make myself into the hero seems more important to me.  The backlash effect of... Continue Reading →

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