Fear and the Flying Leg

Some of the stories that I tell here on this blog page are stories that I have told and retold over the years.  The stories may be less true than they once were because as I get older the need to make myself into the hero seems more important to me.  The backlash effect of... Continue Reading →


The Shop-Vac Toss

So I came home early today and thought to myself, I should clean out my fire place in anticipation of my parents coming to visit.  My parents and I have a fundamental disagreement on what constitutes "comfortable."  With Asher (ironic) by my side cleaning out the ash and soot I decided that most of it... Continue Reading →

I Know She’s Cute, But She’s a Wuss

So I have two red-merle Australian Shepherds now, Harvey and Spendy.  Harvey is my oldest adult live-in relationship, I have had since since August 2001.  I honestly don't remember my adulthood without Harvey.  He is now 13 years old and has what the vet's believe to be Congestive Heart Failure. Here is the dichotomy of... Continue Reading →

Oh, He Makes Me So Angry!

I once (actually more than once) joked that if I ever wanted someone to come to a parent meeting as a pastor or a parent teacher conference when I was a teach all I had to do was say or do something controversial right before the meeting was to take place.  Then when the meeting... Continue Reading →

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