“But I Don’t Want to Move”

I have had a struggle for many years with my faith and my vocation.  The struggle was with questions.  My questions were not questions about whether there was a God, whether he was good, whether I knew who that God was.  Its a struggle that I have had for a while, but when I was... Continue Reading →


It Told Myself I Wouldn’t Do It

I have been most aggravated over the last few day because of the rhetoric by people in regards to the Syrian Crisis.  To be honest my aggravation has been leveled at all sides of the issue.  I know a few things about blogs metrics that makes me believe that the three people that read this... Continue Reading →

Please Give Up!

I know that the blogs that I write that are more story in nature get read more, but I have been doing a lot of reading lately.  What I mean by a lot is about 20 hours a week of text for an Old Testament class.  Through it all, and through my walk through the... Continue Reading →

Seasoned Well

. I am relatively new to the fire making game at the age of 38, my dad may not agree with this because I started a few fires when I was younger.  However my dad had a hook-up with a local saw mill in which he as able to get pine trimmings that were left... Continue Reading →

Security and the Up and Down

As I sit in front of the fire this morning and my beautiful daughter aggravates me through the phases of her development (she is currently having a temper tantrum as I write this), I am reminded of the same phases happening in all of my children; The Up and Downs. If you are a parent... Continue Reading →

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