Camping: Guilt Ridden Sleep Deprivation

I am not sure why they call camping in tents a retreat.  I love the outdoors, but I sleep on memory foam for 98% of my life.  So when I go camping, and sleep on a backpacking pad, I find myself lying awake at 3 o'clock in the morning contemplating which hurts worse, my hips... Continue Reading →


She Booby Trapped My Shop. It was Awesome

6 years ago my wife called me while I was playing video games with a friend of mine (it was part of my job as a pastor, but you knew that).  We had decided that we were done having kids after we had our three boys.  So when she asked me "Are you somewhere you... Continue Reading →

Okay, I Guess We’ll Talk

I went riding with my third child again yesterday and I am starting to realize that he enjoys biking, but he also enjoys the one on one time that comes with it.  We were on a run called "Bobsled" which is not difficult but has quite a bit of curves, bumps, jumps, and other fun... Continue Reading →

What it Means to be Human

Did you know that there is a field of thought out there that says that reality is defined by our language and relationships?  I am not saying that I agree with that sentiment, but I like to ponder the idea.  In a sense we don't truly live without a method of articulating what our senses... Continue Reading →

Fences and Gates

I would like to believe that I am a gate person rather than a fence person, but I can see all the fences that I have created and it makes me sad.  I love my fences, but I hate them as well.  On one hand I like to think that I am accessible, and that... Continue Reading →

How Large is Your Backyard?

If there is one characteristic of human nature that I have found to be almost universally consistent it is the fact that everyone has a front yard, a back yard, and a basement.  The front yard is what everyone is allowed to see, the person that we want to convey to the world.  Some people... Continue Reading →

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