Welcome to my webpage, I will not pretend that I am current on my trends as I am writing my first blog about 10 years past when blog’s were trending.  For those that know that I am a Christian, please do not assume that I will always be posting stuff that is full of inspirational Christian.

As to the title of the blog, that comes from a very amusing story from my past.  After I lost my leg at the age of 16 I started swimming immediately after my amputation.  For those of you that have not experienced a person with one lat muscle, one leg, and three short of a six pack, we do tend to “Swim in Circles”.  As with the rest of my life, I adjusted and actually finished my high school swim career well.  If you have had an amputation, or like most people, an event that shaped how you live your life; I hope that you will read the stories about how my life has changed because of my leg.  I hope that this is funny, insightful, and most of all interactive.


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